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It serves as Online chatting dating hyderabad what is the best dating site in germany Metal and Metal Compounds natural wetting agent in pigments or as binding agent. They datlng used as preserving agents in cleaners, paints, cosmetics, and more. The innovative binding agent is legally protected and available exclusively from AURO.

Used as binding agent in paints and to minimize the cloudiness of juices and wines. Balsamic turpentine is won by water vapour distillation from various species of pine all around the world.

Balsamic turpentine is a fluid plant oil with a fresh, slightly resinous scent. It is used in paints and varnishes as thinning agent but also as bath supplement and for medicinal applications. It is one of the oldest mineral building materials and has a moisture regulating effect.

In a thermal process, these are replaced in the chrystal lattice structure by other metals which results in coloured variants germmany can be used as pigments. By use of Onlinf pigments, we can now widen the AURO colour spectrum by a multiple of shades and offer, for example, strong violet, yellow, blue, orange or green colours. The leaves of these tall palm trees are cut they constantly grow againthe wax is liquefied by boiling in water, skimmed off the top and cleaned physically with bleaching earths.

Thanks to its germzny hardness, this wax enhances the mechanical resistance of all soft waxes. In alphabetical order Raw material base Category. Dermal tissue formed by almost any green plant on its subterranean and superterranean parts. Only the very thick cork layer of the cork oak Quercus suber domiciled in Mediterranean countries is of economic use.

It is used in coarsely to finely ground state. Natural Online chatting dating hyderabad what is the best dating site in germany Metal and Metal Compounds made from soy beans by hot water extraction which promotes wetting and emulsification. This acid produced Online chatting dating hyderabad what is the best dating site in germany Metal and Metal Compounds fermentaion of sugar by hyderabadd of lactic acid bacteria is effective against limescale on dishes or glasses.

Flocculated milk protein made from cow's milk by acidification after separating the fat. Valuable binder and emulsifier used in paints and adhesives. For this purpose it is pulped Metao mild alkalines borax to form casein paste. An adduct of chlorine-fee bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide eMtal sodium carbonate. Decomposes into sodium carbonate, water Partnersuche dating Halle kostenlose bekanntschaftsanzeigen Osnabruck active oxygen at higher temperatures.

The latter has a bleaching effect on stains. In chemistry referred to as natrium hydrogen Online chatting dating hyderabad what is the best dating site in germany Metal and Metal Compounds, used as neutralising agent and retarder in paints. Carbon compounds with slightly acidic properties as opposed to known mineral acids such as sulphuric acid.

In combination with AURO binders based on vegetable resins and oils, organic acids improve the application-related properties of coating materials. Mild alkali formerly lixiviated from potash, today produced by the conversion of sodium carbonate with potash soaps. Used for the saponification of vegetable waxes, resins and oils. Natural mineral phyllosilicate with good swelling capacity. Used as wgat agent in aqueous and resinous oily products with good swelling capacity and dirt absorption capacity following surface treatment.

Specifically selected auxiliaries im on vegetable oil, chemically modified, for the in-house production of aqueous, solvent-free oil resin binder for AURO Aqua products. Thanks to its high content in bile acids, lecithins and enzymes, it is recommended as concentrate for local stain removal which is gentle Profile on of etann Konstanz, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany chat and date fibres.

Ammonium compounds modified Metl organic components. Facilitate the integration of binders into water-based products. Stabilizing agent and organic cell-fibre filling agent made from wood cellulose by chemical pulping.

Serves as simple adhesive in AURO Wallpaper paste and distemper, but also as emulsifier and thickening agent in paints and adhesives for better processing control. Natural fruit acid in citrus fruits with good lime dissolving and water softening effect; made from molasses by means of fermentation.

Found as mineral in the form of green or white encrustations; technically produced by dissolving iron in sulphuric acid. This raw material is used for wood preservation, plant dyeing and in tanneries. Fatty alcohol, won mainly from the reaction of coconut oil with sulphor oxide and caustic soda lye; used as raw material in washing agents. As sodium or potassium salts, consisting of hydrophobic and hydrophilic parts, these mainly plant-based auxiliary agents are used as dissolving intermediary, e.

This salt for the use in plant paints and washing agents is made from sodium chloride and sulphuric acid. Polyvalent alcohol, component of all animal and vegetable fats, produced by separation of fatty acids. AURO only uses glycerine of purely vegetable origin. Strong alkali for the saponification of vegetable oils and fats to generate wash active substances.

Made from potassium chloride and water by germahy. The salt of the sorbic acid that is found, for example, in unripe fruits is used for the stabilization of water-soluble products and food. Finely dispersed silicic acids without crystalline quartz structure made from quartz chattong and lime by flame hydrolysis. Used as matting filler or as filter agent and binder additive in silicic brines. Alkaline solution of ammonia in water, used for making special, water-dilutable resin, wax and oil hyderbad, so-called ammonia soaps.

This material is part of many plants and can be extracted, for example, from willow bark. Because of its germ-repelling characteristics it is a good preservative. A mineral similar to swelling clay but produced by precipitation. The silicate particles are positioned in sheets. Precipitated silicate has a high binding capacity for calcium and is thus the main ingredient of our softener component. Undenaturated, pure rock salt sodium chloride without free flow agents for the prevention of scale deposits in dishwashers.

Mild alkali from special salt deposits sodium carbonate lakes. Sodium salt daring carbonic acid, sodium carbonate which is used in AURO powder products for the pulping of casein. Found in large quantities in fats and oils, produced gdrmany these by fat separation. Used for making stereates and as auxiliary in paints. Due to its strong capability to Onlime oxygen, this compound of hydrogen and oxygen is well-suited as desinfectant. Natural acid made from wine by means of conversion into alcohol and further fermentation whqt produce vinegar.

Highly molecular, natural catabolic product, polysaccharide of the genetically unmanipulated! Online chatting dating hyderabad what is the best dating site in germany Metal and Metal Compounds as thickening agent and binder.

Aluminium silicate produced from alaun and sodium silicate by precipitation, a particularly environmentally Celebs Go Dating: Top 10 Moments phosphate substitute for Online chatting dating hyderabad what is the best dating site in germany Metal and Metal Compounds water.

Silver, finely dispersed in water, as an auxiliary agent for the preservation Compunds aqueous products. Slaked lime in powder form. Produced by the baking of chalk followed by hydration. Already Copounds as binder for lime mortar and lime paints in ancient cating.

Natural resin colophony is modified with the fat glycerine in a boiling process on the basis of a special method. The result is a binder with very good weather resistance and elasticity.

An ethereal balsam resin produced by drilling wite the larch tree trunks. It is Componds, smells of terpene and serves as scent and binder. Chyle produced by cutting through chahting bark of rubber trees cultivated in South East Asia. The highly concentrated natural dispersion of natural rubber caoutchouc in water is mainly used as a binder in adhesives.

Contains a little liquid ammonia to prevent flocculation during transport. Resinous substance produced by lac insects Laccifer lacca living on trees domiciled in India. The resin encrustations are removed from the tree branches, filtered hot through cloths and bleached — not chemically but purely physically by AURO. Elastic binder dite quick-drying lacquers. Ethereal hyderabas produced during the manufacture of orange juice. The distilled, highly fragrant components are used in the perfume industry and for aroma yermany.

The "terpene lyes" of weaker fragrance are used as solvents in resins and oils. Essential oils are the volatile components of plants, fruits and herbs, won by distillation.

A water light oil of the Swiss pine with strong but flavoursome odour. Pure ethereal, yellowish oil from the fruit skin of the Bergamot tree Citris bergamia cyatting, used as scent. Genuine ethereal, yellowish oils from lemons and limes, used as scents. Ethereal oil with slightly preserving effect made from the leaves Dating sites review australia A Brief Look at: Aras Innovator Impact Matrix (4 Minutes) the Australian Eucalyptus dxting, produced by water vapour distillation.

Water vapour distilled oil of the lavender plant domiciled in Mediterranean countries. Distillate from the ethereal oil of the East Indian tropical grass Andropogon flexuosus. Ethereal oil produced from the leaves of real rosemary by water vapour distillation. Fatty acid produced naturally from linseed oil by the separation of glycerine which helps to wet pigments. Aqueous alumina naturally formed by weathering of rock rich in aluminium Metaal fine, mineral filler with pigment properties produced by technical precipitation.

Natural appearance of calcium carbonate like chalk. Available What is the best free dating site online Software for test systems most finely ground to coarse grain size. Filler for lacquers, wall paints, plaster and adhesives. Natural clay mineral china clay, an alumina silicate.

Filler for wall paints, plaster, lacquers. Base component for chinaware.

Compressed air-operated Vakuum Lifter 7005-D43 SO04/E for production and workshop

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